Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: Thank You for the Honor!

I just got back from voting. When I spoke my first name aloud for the gals to check it in the book, I wondered if I was breaking some sort of election law.
So just for humor I added, "With one l."

But they smiled, they had seen it all, and then I got to go into the booth and vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States of America.

Electronic voting -- bad. You bet!
But nonetheless my heart lit up when I scrolled the clicker-thinger around and it filled the box with red to the left of her name.

I pressed Enter!
I got to do this wonderful thing!

I then made my two other votes - both for change, and against everything that Cheney and his toy stand for, gave a small cheer heard only within the immediate environs of the booth, and stepped away.

My face must have been shining with the joy of that moment as I walked out of the school cafeteria, past the ladies in their pearls sitting decorously near the door, and out into the morning air.

By the time I crossed the street back to my block, I was shaking and weepy.
I know that looks bad -- soft, sentimental, too human and girly.

Oh well - too bad for anyone who sees it that way.

I have wanted to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President since the mid-90s.
I have a button somewhere that reads, "Hillary in 96" that was affixed to the visor in my car for many years.

This was finally my day to reach that long-awaited goal.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible (including though not entirely limited to, my own several fifty-dollar contributions).

I look forward to whatever happens next.


LostBoy said...

Yeah, me too. I've long awaited the day when women were on the ballot. Golda Meir led India (go figure!), Margaret Thatcher led Britain and neither of those countries fell apart. What took us so long? The GOB Party.

I am just saddened HRC was the best the Democrats could come up with. She got my vote anyway. Sigh...

Kathryn said...

Just for the record, Lostboy, you get two for the price of one: Golda Meir led Israel and Indira Gandhi led India. (Or is that what you mean by "go figure"!)

GO said...

Reminds me of Amway when I took C. Brown along as my inductee of choice.