Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Is it me...or them?

In Lexington KY, I went to a nearby fancy Hillary event last night – “an evening with Hillary’s best friend” that was also featuring Chelsea and the inevitable Phyllis George and KY Dem party leader Jerry Lundergan (he looks like Count Dracula – sleek seal type) – and left after about a half hour.

It was the strangest reaction.

I went in, got my name tag (“one l, please”) and then went in the adjoining rooms to see people getting wine, and loading up on dainties (mostly deep fried!!!).

This is at the big place with white columns on N Lime that was a funeral home until a few months ago but has been redone as a for-hire party palace, complete with pompous bad little hunting paintings and such.

I saw that I was grossly under-dressed, or that was my first reaction.

I had my usual garb on, plus a Hillary Tshirt, and was carrying my backpack.

The women and men were wearing big-time party clothes, very elegant dresses, and the women were slathered in heavy makeup.

I got a small plate of vegetables to nibble on and walked into the adjoining ‘permanent tent’ to sit down, in front of a podium with big tv lights shining on it, and did some people-watching. They were talking up a storm, so excited and happy, with many girly screams of joys and little hugs and stuff.

Sure there were other modestly dressed people there but …maybe five total.

I watched the gals and guys flow in….the elusive Bluegrass wealthy, I realized, with whom my path has never before intersected….and these were the liberals among ‘em.

And then, after eating my vegs, while I still had time before the show started, I just – got up, discarded my plate, walked back through the intervening rooms and went out the door, got in my car, drove back over to my apartment.

I still don’t know what my reaction was all about.

It may be that I am, simply, for Obama but don’t yet know it; but it seemed deeper than that.

Right now I know that I had a great big YUCKO response to that scene.

Of course I will vote for Hillary in the primary on the 20th, but my estrangement is deep and total from the people who are the Democrat party stalwarts here.


Deefor said...

Interesting impressions. Found your blog as a link from Hillbillyreport.com. Hope you get to see or hear Obama before you cast your vote.


Gmail is from Deefor's blog. He doesn't vote.

Lauren said...

I second that. Although I have to say that in July when I first saw her speak at the College Democrats convention, the crowd was absolutely electric. I think so many months of division and negativity have taken a toll on her campaign that hasn't touched Obama's.